Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Collie Clock is Finally Here!

The Collie clock is finally up! I am sure that the Keywest Collies must be wondering what took me so long to post the clock that was ready almost a month ago! Well! You need some programming genius to get the clock to tick, and then some organizational acumen to put it on the blogger along with the right code in the right place. I had to persuade Cameo to help me with this - and these two are very very busy these days! If you've visited my blog, lately, you can see how bad things are. But then, I hope that Essex and Deacon would like the clock and add it to their blog...and so would their other Collie friends!

To put it on your blog, click the link given below the clock. This will take you to the page (opens in a new window) that displays a box containing the required HTML code. You know what to do next:)

Mechanical - Collie (23 kb)


Licks n Wags,