Sunday, August 31, 2008

Peppy Pups - Unite the Moms with the Pups – A Kenopia Game!

Finally Mercury and Cameo have given us our first game (complete with trees, plant, mushrooms, dogs, and pups!) This game is a puzzle, which can be played at three difficulty levels. When you have managed to unite the pups with their moms, this game also gives you an opportunity to challenge your friends to beat your score (Isn’t that so satisfying…burp!)

To play the game, click the icon below. The game, as I said, if for us (dogs n dog lovers)…so, you are welcome to add the icon to your page as well. You’ll need to copy and paste the code (available at the link, below the icon) into your web page.

Click to play Peppy Pups
Get HTML Code Here
Click to play Peppy Pups
Get HTML Code Here

If this is your first visit to my playground, don’t forget to scroll down to see the Oodget clocks – who knows, you may find one for decorating your blog.

Licks n Wags,


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Oh my. We had seen some clocks on some blogs and found you here! They are very,very pretty! We hope you make a Poodle and chihuahua some day! we're new to blogging and we'd like to be your friend!. Now we need to go look at your other blog!

Dozer and Coop said...

We love the game! Thank you! Corgi clock, corgi clock!

Dozer, Dots and Cooper